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Indonesia records 3,622 new Covid-19 cases

JAKARTA: Indonesia recorded 3,622 new Covid-19 cases over the past 24 hours up to noon Thursday, the highest number of cases since the first case was recorded on March 2 in the republic.

According to data published Thursday on the official website of the Indonesian authorities on Covid-19,, the number of positive cases so far has risen to 184,268 while the number of deaths totalled 7,750.

A total of 134 deaths were also reported over the past 24 hours up to noon Thursday.

The province of Jakarta recorded the highest number of positive cases, 43,400, including the latest addition of 1,359 cases.

The province of East Java recorded the highest number of 2,459 cases followed by Jakarta (1,246); Central Java (1,061); South Sulawesi (367) and the rest in the other provinces.-Bernama

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