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New Zealand Mosque’s shooter to meet with the victims

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WELLINGTON: An Australian man that involved with the shooting incident and murdered 51 Jemaah in New Zealand mosque to face the victims when he is facing the punishment next week, where the suspect is expected to be imprisoned for his whole life.

The right-wing extremist, Brenton Tarrant was convicted with 51 charges of murder, 40 charges of attempted murder, and one charge of terrorism after changing confession to not guilty.

Tarrant is expected in the court for the punishment for 4 days, where started last Monday with strict security towards the media coverage.

An amount of the victims that survived and the victims’ families can join the court session and meet with the suspect involved in the shooting incident on 15 March 2019.

Previously, the court trial proceeded through a video link from the prison with maximum control in Auckland.

The Magistrate from the High Court, Cameron Mander said the punishment execution is the most important moment for the victims, and it will be the best way to calm down the Islam community.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern mentioned this week is the toughest week for everyone.

“There is nothing to be unveiled to alleviate the traumatic incidents that happened.

“The whole process takes time, and everyone should be heard of,” she said.

New Zealand did not practice death penalty, murder cases, and terrorism will lead to the punishment of a minimum of 17 years of imprisonment without release.

However, the Magistrate is given the authority to imprison any suspect without any chances of being released.

If the Magistrate is using the authority wisely, Tarrant could be the first individual that being imprison for his whole lifetime. – Berita Harian.

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