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Shanghai braces for Typhoon Maysak

SHANGHAI (Xinhua): Shanghai has strengthened measures to deal with bad weather brought by Typhoon Maysak, the ninth of this year, the municipal flood control and drought relief headquarters said on Tuesday (Sept 1).

Typhoon Maysak will travel northeast over the East China Sea on Tuesday night and is expected to cross the same latitude as Shanghai around Wednesday noon, with the nearest distance being about 400km. The metropolis will experience gales and storms caused by the typhoon.

The municipal marine monitoring and forecast center has issued storm and wave alerts, and Shanghai meteorological observatory has issued a warning for gales.

Flood control departments at all levels and relevant units across the city have been instructed to take precautions and enhance emergency measures.

Safety checks have been intensified in coastal areas, as well as streets, residential communities, construction sites, shanty buildings, low-lying areas and underground places.–The Star

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