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Surprisingly, only pregnant for 24 weeks and gave birth to a twin in 2 days’ time.

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As the parents for the twin, most of the people expected the newborn twin are sharing the same date of birth.

Yet, it is a different story for the lady who reported giving birth to twins on different days, reported by Daily Star.

The lady gave birth much earlier, which is on the 24th week of the pregnancy, where it is supposed to give birth on the 39th week or the 40th week.

On the 16th week, the lady was shocked when her amniotic sac broke and releasing the amniotic fluid. Surprisingly, only one baby was born.

The first baby of the twin was born on the 10th of January.

The doctor managed to stop the early delivery and expect the lady to “hold” the other infant to the originally expected labor day.

However, the lady gave birth to the other baby two days later, which is on the 12th of January.

“I’ve experienced a beautiful pregnancy and I enjoyed every moment that I’ve been through. At the same time, everything went smoothly without any pain.

“I did a prenatal scan a week before the water broke and everything was fine. I am very panicked and confused when the water broke on the 24th week,” she said. – Siakap Keli

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