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Uttar Pradesh teen says same snake bit him 8 times in a month

Basti, Uttar Pradesh: In a bizarre incident, a teen boy has claimed that a snake bit him eight times in one month and he miraculously managed to survive. The incident was reported from Rampur village in Uttar Pradesh’s Basti district.

The 17-year-old boy named Yashraj Mishra has been hospitalised several times. The last attack by the reptile was about a week back. The boy’s family has also sought help from snake charmers in the village.

“After my son was bitten for the third time by the snake, I sent him to my relative Ramji Shukla’s place in Bahadurpur village. A few days later, my son saw the same snake near the house and he was bitten again. Yashraj was hospitalised and treated,” Yashraj’s father Chandramauli Mishra said.

The family said that the last incident took place on August 25. They added that they have been taking the boy to the village doctor for treatment and also using alternate therapies prescribed by snake charmers.

“We cannot understand why this snake is targeting Yashraj. The boy is now mentally disturbed and lives in the constant fear of the snake. We have performed ‘puja’ several times and have even called snake charmers to catch the snake, but all have proved futile,” the father said.–timesnownews

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