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Woman who put glue into her private parts to frame ex-boyfriend found guilty

MADRID, SPAIN (ANN): In a bizarre attempt at revenge, a woman in Spain put glue into her own vagina and framed her ex-boyfriend only for her plan to be discovered by authorities, leading to her arrest.

Vanesa Gesto accused her former lover Ivan Rico of kidnapping and torturing her back in 2016, as per Spanish news reports via The Sun on Sept 3.

Gesto claimed that Rico had kidnapped her just outside her home and that she was taken away in a black car. She claimed that she was then abandoned half-naked by Rico.

Rico was then arrested after being accused of the crimes by Gesto and spent several days in detention, according to the report.

Gesto’s story began to fall apart, however, when investigators got ahold of a CCTV footage showing Gesto buying the glue at a supermarket, along with a “kidnap kit, ” which included knives she used to harm herself.

Police also found out that contrary to Gesto’s claims, security footage showed that only one vehicle passed by the spot where she claimed she was kidnapped, and it was a truck, not a black car.

The ex-boyfriend’s brother, Rafael, said that Rico was sleeping when the supposed kidnapping took place and disclosed that their mother “spent days crying after he was arrested.”

Gesto, dubbed the “Glue Liar” in her country, has since been arrested and is now convicted of two charges including making up a crime, landing her 10 years in jail.

The written sentence released earlier this week by a court in the Spanish city of Leon also ordered Gesto to pay Rico 25,000 euros (around P1.4 million) in compensation, the report said.

Gesto’s former lawyer, Emilia Esteban, has also cut ties with Gesto and noted that she felt “humiliated and deceived” because she was used to believe her. – Philippine Daily Inquirer/Asia News Network

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