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101 Directed Projects: Harapan MPs, YB Fahmi Fadzil Revealed Zafrul’s “own goal” on the direct tender list.

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The Harapan MPs, YB Fahmi Fadzil “giving thanks” to the Minister of Finance, Tengku Zafrul Aziz for revealing the list of all the 101 projects proves almost 77% or more than RM 4.475 billion of the total value of RM 6.6 billion was approved during the term of the previous BN government.

He mentioned that Zafrul’s revelation had solved a lot of issues and it seems like an “own goal”. At the same time, he described Zafrul as the one who kicked it with his own leg.

Last Night, YB Fahmi went to the re-election in Slim to support the free candidates from the part of Pejuang. During that time, he mentioned Zafrul, who is the one that revealed the 101 tender projects and approximately 70% or approximately RM4.475 billion from the total value was approved by the previous BN government.

“You see, the BN members are embarrassed now. In my opinion, he should be receiving a lot of calls last night, but I think the purpose was not to thank him.

“Zafrul can reveal even more tenders, or he can start to share the tenders since 2013 or the earlier tenders,

I will request Zafrul to reveal the tender projects and the total values for the projects.”

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