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A senior citizen Believed to kill a cat that wanders around the housing area by shooting it to death.

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A post in social media about a cat being shot to death by a senior citizen, who claims that the cat always wonders around the yard. The issue has been reported by the Malaysia Animal Association through their official Facebook page.

A Malay senior citizen who aged 70 years old chooses to shoot the cat until death using air-soft gun just because he hated the cat when the cat always wondering and resting around his home yard.

This is not the first reported case that using an airsoft gun to murder cats. Even before this case, there are already a few cases of animals being murdered using an airsoft gun.

The incident occurred was in Kota Bahru, Kelantan and it occurred twice, which is on the 1st of August 2020 and the latest case was on 17th August 2020. There is one cat found dead and another cat found severely injured on its head.

The retired senior citizen had been identified as the neighbor of the cat owner.

Airsoft guns are considered a dangerous weapon and it could kill a person if the air-soft gun being misused, especially children. Not to mention if the user purposely used it to harm the other animals.

The Malaysia Animal Association currently waiting to submit the official report from the cat owner to the respective management so that the respective management able to enforce the law towards the suspect. – Siakap Keli

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