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Another case of raising an inverted national flag, restaurant supervisor to be summoned.

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Johor Bahru: A restaurant supervisor aged 55 years old in Kluang being arrested after found out that the Jalur Gemilang raised was inverted.
The Johor police chief, Datuk Ayob Maydin Pitchay said that according to the investigation, the restaurant was involved with the same issue for the past 2 years.

He also mentioned that there is an investigation to be done toward the lady owner of the restaurant after received complaints from the public.

“A team of police officers from Kluang Districts Police Headquarters rush to the respective venue, which located at Jalan Lee Ah Leng, Taman Nasib, Kluang right after they’ve received the complaint last Sunday.

“The owner was arrested on the spot. There is an investigation shows that the respective premise operated from 2017 until December 2019. Ever since January, the premise was not in operation anymore.

“When we raise higher awareness, the society will be more conscious to make a report once they see an inverted flag being raise. We will take actions accordingly and the Act given will be heavier. Hence, raise Jalur Gemiling more cautions, there are no reasons or misunderstandings or forgotten,” the officer mentioned during the press conference in Police Headquarters Johor today.

Ayub Khan also mentioned that the flag used in the incident will be confiscated.

We have taken the concession from the suspect and will be prosecuted under the Act of Emblem and Name (Improper Usage) 2017, Section 5.
“If found guilty, there will be a punishment of RM20,000 fine or imprisonment for 3 years or both,” mentioned by Ayub Khan. – Berita Harian.

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