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Civil Servants should not play TikTok and record video while on duty.

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SHAH ALAM – All the civil servants, especially those who are from official bodies or wearing official attire, are reminded not to engage in social media for entertainment purposes while on duty in the office or out of the office.

The president of the Congress of Unions of Employees in the Public and Civil Services, Adnan Mat said that it is important where we found out some of the civil servants who wearing respective official attire recorded inappropriate videos, including negative elements before they wanted to upload it to social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

According to the president, those inappropriate videos such as dancing, singing, and sharing personal issues while wearing respective official attire could cause reputational damage as well as negative effects toward the respective department.

He also mentioned that such activities should not be allowed especially when the civil servants are on duty. In fact, such activities and behaviors should not be allowed even the civil servants are working outside of the office as it could raise certain negative perceptions towards the society.

“The communities weren’t known or giving concern about the video is uploaded outside of the office.

“This issue would cause certain perceptions that the civil servants always do such activities during their working hours, included the cause of reputational damage on the respective civil services department,” mentioned in one of the statements from the media today.

In addition, as a civil servant who wearing official attire, they should give respect to their own positions as well as the team that led by them.

“Every uniform and official attire should have their own etiquette respectively and we all should follow and respect the etiquette no matter you are a police, a soldier, an enforcer, a nurse or normal civil servants that wearing the official corporate attire.

“The mentioned issue also included the other civil servants who do not own an official attire or those who are not wearing the official attire. As long as on duty, try not to use social media for personal usage, especially recording on-going activities just to boost up the views on social media,” mentioned by the president.

Adnan also mentioned that Cuepacs hope all the civil servants from all the departments and governmental agencies would accept the advice sincerely.
He also said that his department welcomed a few departments that banning the usage of social media while the civil servants who are on duty or wearing official attire.

“By celebrating the advancement of social media, we should be the role model to society in using social media for a better purpose. We should put our first priority in serving our country and our people,” he said. – Sinar Harian

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