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First time in history! Minister donates wages for the mistakes been done, said the leader of PAS

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While the Minister of Plantation Industries and Commodities, Datuk Dr. Mohd Khairuddin Aman Razali being criticized for breaching the self-quarantine procedures and being fined for RM1, 000 compounds, comrades in PAS stands to show their supports.

The Deputy of PAS in Johor, Dr. Mohd Mazri Yahya said that there is no such action made in the history of Malaysia where a minister willing to return his wages after he realized he have made a mistake.

Mohd Mazri is referring to the action of Khairuddin when Khairuddin announce that he will donate a 4-months’ salary as a minister to the Ministry of Health Malaysia (KKM) as he was found guilty in breaching the operation procedures of COVID-19.

“Is there any evidence in the history of Malaysia that, after a minister made a mistake and return his or her salary?
“Never. And this is the first happening in the history of Malaysia.

“I assumed this is a great improvement for the country. The society gave comments and critics while the minister is willing to listen and take responsibility on it,” he mentioned through Facebook.

Kahiruddin admits his mistakes and apologizes for the incident that happened. Khairuddin is also being fined RM1, 000 compounds for the violation of breaching the rules of COVID-19 preventions.

The compound was given on the 7th of August.

Khairuddin is one of the members in the Parliament of Kuala Berus district that being accused of violating the 14-days of self-quarantine after returning to the country, after his trip over Turkey on 7th July.

The incident was revealed by one of the members in the Parliament of Seputeh district, Teresa Kok in the committee hall on the 18th of August. Ever since netizens started to criticized the action of Khairuddin that ignore the quarantine procedures.

Even after the statement released by the Ministry of Health (KKM), there are still certain parties opposing the given compound with the comparison of the higher compound that previously given to those who violate the quarantine procedures as some compound given are higher, being accused in the court and imprisonment.

Meanwhile, with the same reference, one of the committee in PAS, Nik Mohamad Abduh Nik Abdul Aziz praises the spirit of his colleague and wish Allah would give the blessing to his colleague.

“This is a lesson for myself as well as to him, Allah knows better for the testimonials in increasing or decreasing the degree of His followers.

“Never fail the test and disappoint Allah. Accept and enjoy it with faith and piety,” said on Facebook.

As mentioned by Nik Abduh, the result of Khairuddin’s apologies and wages donation to the fund of COVID-19 convinced him that it was Allah giving the inspiration to his beloved friend with benefits and blessings.

“Keep moving. Continue with the service. This is how the members of PAS doing. Insya-Allah,” mentioned again. – Malaysia Kini

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