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Malaysian YouTuber slams creators making sexual memes of children’s cartoon ‘Upin & Ipin’

upin ipin
upin ipin

A Malaysian YouTuber has called out social media accounts for sharing sexual content depicting characters from the children’s cartoon Upin & Ipin.

The YouTuber, known as Akhi Fairuz Al-Jengkawi, took to Twitter last weekend to slam an Instagram account that shared an explicit meme of the characters Kak Ros and Susanti.

“For those who are now aware of how bad this is, Alhamdulillah.

“I will never understand why people are so crazy about making obscene memes about the Upin & Ipin characters,” Akhi wrote.

His post has been retweeted over 3,200 times and has over 4,100 likes so far.

Many of Akhi’s followers were disgusted by the content and lamented that some creators had no qualms about resorting to making sexual content about a children’s series just for social media engagement.

“You find all types nowadays. Just for the sake of pulling in views, they’ll sexualise the Upin & Ipin cartoon as if there’s no other content to be made,” said one Twitter user.

Akhi previously made a YouTube video in early July calling out creators believed to be from Indonesia who were sharing memes and videos of Upin & Ipin that bore elements of sex and violence.

In the video, Akhi demonstrated how easy it was to find the lewd clips of the characters simply by searching certain terms on YouTube, such as “Kak Ros menikah hingga hamil (Kak Ros gets married until pregnant)” and “Muthu rogol Kak Ros (Muthu rapes Kak Ros).”

Typing the words “Kak Ros” into the YouTube search bar alone already brings up a slew of questionable autocomplete suggestions, like “Kak Ros tak pakai baju (Kak Ros without clothes)” and “Kak Ros melahirkan anak kembar (Kak Ros gives birth to twins).”


Akhi expressed concerns that children would accidentally stumble upon such content while searching for videos of the original cartoon.

Upin & Ipin’s animation studio Les’ Copaque Production then responded to Akhi’s video on Twitter shortly after it was uploaded and thanked him for bringing awareness to the issue.

The company urged fans of the show to help them report any explicit videos or memes they find online, but many of their Twitter followers said sterner action needs to be taken to deter people from creating such content in the first place.


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