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Polis strike on Bukit Malut during Ops Sarang

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Langkawi: The area of Bukit Malut is known as a drug addiction location in Pulau Langkawi being strike again during Ops Sarang on last Friday and Saturday.

The operation for Friday and Saturday starts at 5 P.M. and there is a total of 14 drug addicts aged from the 20s to 40s were arrested, as well as the drug dealer was arrested.

The Deputy Police Chief in Pulau Langkawi, Deputy Superintendan Roszemi Mat Derus mentioned that the strike in Bukit Malut performed was indicated with the information from the internal intelligence provided by the narcotics crime investigation department in the Langkawi District Police Headquarters.

He also mentioned that the police operation strike almost once in a month as we already know that area is a drug addict area, even there are some drug addicts jumped into the sludge and the estuary to escape.

From the same strikes, we also arrested 2 citizens of Myanmar as they are suspected to be the drug dealer.

“Furthermore, we also found 5 transparent plastic bags that contain 166 grams of heroin and 3 packets of syabu that weighed 16.5 grams,” mentioned by the inspector during the strike.

Roszemi said that the 2 arrested Myanmar citizens will be investigated according to the Act of Dangerous Drug 1952, under the Section of 39B, while another 11 suspects will be investigated according to the Act of Dangerous Drug, under Section 12(2) and one suspect is being investigated under the Section of 39(a) ADB 1952.

“The local residents are advised not to be as a stooge until affecting the striking operation.”

“It is due to the drug addicts escape once notice our present, which caused it will be harder to arrest the drug addicts and there will be even more drug addicts if we do not control it,” the officer mentioned. – Berita Harian

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