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SuguPavitra YouTube channel is back .New Content!!!

Sugu Pavithra

IPOH: Husband-and-wife M. Sugu, 29, and S. Pavithra, 28, more popularly known as YouTube sensation ‘Sugu Pavithra’, yesterday uploaded a new cooking video on their YouTube channel and vowed to produce and share more content.

Sugu said that if there were no obstacles, they would try to upload videos of their various culinary delights daily to be shared with their loyal subscribers, starting with today’s menu of mutton dalca.

And, ahead of Hari Raya Aidiladha this Friday (July 31), the couple plans to cook chicken rendang as it was one of the must-have dishes during the celebration.

“We plan to cook rendang because we have many Malay neighbours and friends on YouTube who celebrate Hari Raya,” he said when contacted by Bernama yesterday.

The couple today resumed sharing their cooking videos after Sugu had, on Saturday (July 25), deleted all 98 clips they had uploaded on the YouTube channel since January.

Yesterday (July 27), Sugu told Bernama that he deleted all the videos after he was charged in the sessions court here for carrying an offensive weapon and causing injury to his wife with a mobile phone and a sickle on July 21. However, Pavithra said she had forgiven her husband.

Speaking about the latest video which had been uploaded, Sugu said they were very happy and did not expect to get almost 3,000 comments and 100,000 views just three hours after sharing it.

“We are happy, more so since most of the comments contained positive and encouraging words. We’re are very touched,” said the father of two children, aged two and six.

Among the subscribers who left words of encouragement on the comment section of the video was Zaim Ain, who said: “Finally, you are back. Past is past. Bring back you and family punya aura (Bring back your family’s aura). But actually it’s more fun like your usual video yang ada whole family (with your whole family) and you said ‘JOM MAKAN’ (Let’s eat!)”.

As for Rozita Ibrahim, she advised Sugu and Pavithra not to let outsiders meddle in their personal affairs with the message: “Stay strong and keep it up. Family first. Love and enjoy following your cooking”.

Jean Khoo, meanwhile, said: “I’m so so happy that you are back Akka (sister)! Remember even the PM (Prime Minister) endorsed you guys and you guys have so many fans that love your content. Please don’t stop making videos! Take care!” – Bernama

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