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Thanks to the “Fatty Tummy”, Man Stuck from Falling into the Well

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A man who weighed approximately 129 kilograms is lucky enough his belly is “Fat” enough to save him from falling into the well. The incident happened in China.

According to the report from Kompas.com, the man who is stuck at the entrance of the well and requires the assistance from the firefighter to help the man get out from the well.

The early report stated that the man was asked by his mother for rubbish disposal to the well since the well was not in use anymore. However, he fell into the well when he lost balance standing near to the well.

The firefighters who reach the location are forced to wrap the upper body of the man by using hemp rope to help the man to free himself.

During the incidents, the man seems calm as the tummy serves as a support that preventing him from falling into the well.

He successfully escaped from the well with the assistance of firefighters and he only suffered minor injuries on the abdomen due to the agitation with the entrance of the well. – Siakap Keli

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