KLC Postnatal Care Now Officially Opened

Petaling Jaya: KLC Postnatal Care, a postnatal care center located in Petaling Jaya, officially opened on November 4th 2023.
To celebrate the opening, the center offers special discounts for its packages.
Basic Package reduce from RM19,880 – RM30,880 to Promotion Price RM17,880 – RM25,880 .
Exclusive Package reduce  from RM20,880 – RM34,880 to Promotion Package price RM18,880 – RM29,880.
The director of KLC Postnatal Care,Chai Woon Qin, said that the reservation deadline is November 11, 2023, and the slots are limited. Customers who are interested should contact the center as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.
“Our postnatal care center provides 24-hour service, and is open all year round.”
The center has five floors and is a corner shop with an area of about 18,000 square feet. The ground floor and the first floor are the reception and the kitchen. The second floor is the baby room. The third floor is a multipurpose hall (for yoga, exercise, leisure, and education courses). The fourth floor is for postnatal recovery, pelvic floor tightening, and care space. The fifth floor is the private VIP room, which provides one-on-one teaching.
The center faces the main road and has convenient transportation, ample parking space, good security, and a lively environment. It is surrounded by residential and commercial areas and is very suitable for the setup of a postnatal care center.
“The purpose of setting up this center is to meet the needs of the new era. We hope that new mothers can have a place to communicate, rest, and relax during their postnatal period. Our center uses scientific and advanced equipment, professional care products, and nutritious meals to take care of mothers and babies around the clock.”
She said that mothers can enjoy different cuisines every day, including Chinese, Western, Korean, and Italian dishes.
“The center does not provide pork dishes, and welcomes Muslim mothers to come here for postnatal care.”
She emphasized that the center follows the hotel service model, and has 23 suites, each with a private bathroom. The room size ranges from 270 to 590 square feet and includes standard and deluxe rooms. Each room has a small table and a TV, which provide a comfortable environment for family visits and chats. Husbands can also stay with their wives for free for 28 days.
“If mothers buy the basic package, they can stay in the center suite for 28 days, and have five meals a day. The center takes care of mothers and babies around the clock. Mothers can stay with their babies in the same room, or choose to let the babies stay in the nursery, where they will receive 24-hour warm care. Of course, mothers can also visit their newborn babies in the nursery at any time.”
The professional care team services include a nutritionist-crafted menu, and customized postnatal health recovery and massage (TANAMERA WELLNESS).
She said that the center promises to provide professional care for newborn babies, gentle and loving care for babies, postnatal exercise, activities, education, and enhanced safety and security facilities.
“The nursing team all have APC qualifications, and our partner Tanamera is also a popular and recognized care brand in the market.”
Contact/Reservation: 03-78875932/03-78878872 (10AM-6PM)
(FACEBOOK LOGO): KLC Postnatal Care 满月阁月子中心

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