The government has allocated RM77,500 in aid to flood victims in  Perak who are currently sheltering in five temporary relief centres (PPS) in Kerian and Hilir Perak districts.

The Prime Minister’s senior political secretary Datuk Seri Shamsul Iskandar Md Akin said that based on the provision, each family will receive financial aid amounting to RM500 on a one-off basis.

“The five PPS involved are Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Changkat Lobak and SK Alor Pongsu in the Kerian district while in the Hilir Perak district, it involves the Padang Tembak Multi-Purpose Hall, the Teluk Intan Municipal Council Hall and the Chikus Multi-Purpose Hall.

“The National Disaster Management Agency (NADMA) will ensure that aid to affected flood victims can be expedited and properly coordinated,” he said when met by the media after handing over aid to flood victims at PPS SK Changkat Lobak here, today.

Earlier, Shamsul Iskandar presented a donation of RM12,500 to 24 families housed in the PPS.

He said the aid also proved that the government is always aware and concerned about overcoming the problems that burden the people.

“This is certainly in line with what the Prime Minister envisioned, which is to develop Malaysia MADANI through the principles of compassion and well-being towards the people regardless of race and religion,” he said.

He also requested that agencies such as the State Health Department and local authorities (PBT) ensure that hygiene aspects in each PPS are given priority to avoid the spread of disease.

“Cleanliness management needs to be emphasised and the parties involved in this aspect need to carry out sanitation at every PPS besides ensuring that rubbish is well-managed so that the environment is always clean.

“Health screenings also need to be conducted to ensure that each victim housed in PPS is protected from disease,” he said.

Meanwhile, one of the flood victims housed at PPS SK Changkat Lobak, Nur Anis Dayana Saad, 25, said she was grateful for the assistance, adding that the money will be used for daily necessities.

In addition, the mother of five also hopes that the flood will subside and that she and her family can return home to Kampung Matang Tengah as soon as possible.

“My family and I were relocated here on Nov 6, and I can’t wait to go home because it’s more comfortable. I have privacy concerns here as I have a 3-month-old child who is still breastfeeding,” she said.

Housewife, Hasmani Hussin, 44, said the donation will be used to repair the damage to her home in Kampung Matang Tengah.

“During the flood, I didn’t have time to save the home furnishings, especially the furniture. So, I feel grateful because through this donation I can repair some of the damage,” she said.

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