The Internet Recently Discovered Mulan’s Stunt Double And We Can’t Get Enough Of Her

Pictures of a little-known stunt double on the set of Mulan recently found its way onto social media.

And let’s just say, the Internet is smitten.

While Disney’s live-action remake of the well-loved animation has been divisive since its release, it seems that netizens can totally agree that the stunt double for Chinese actress Liu Yifei, who plays the titular character, is absolutely gorgeous.

Sharing the same last name, stuntwoman Liu Yaxi has long been sharing photos of the movie set on her personal social media accounts

But she only recently came to light when she posted pictures of herself on Instagram and Weibo in the now-famous Mulan costume.

She also recently shared a screenshot of the movie’s end credits that proudly shows her name listed as ‘Mulan’s Stunt Double’.

Liu also seems very friendly with main actress Liu Yifei, as seen in several pictures she previously posted while off set

Image from Weibo

Image via Weibo

Image from Weibo

Image via Weibo

More than just a pretty face though, the footage of her training practices and stunts she performs at work has been nothing short of amazing

While cinematographer Mandy Walker told Insider that Liu Yifei largely did her own stunts for 90% of the action scenes in Mulan, there were a few beyond her skills that required a stunt double.

According to TODAY, Liu Yaxi is a professional martial artist and has defended the actress when she came under social media fire for using a stunt double.

“Martial arts is dangerous, and it’s inevitable that a stunt double will be used because it’ll be too risky if the actors were to do everything themselves,” she said.

Here she is in action:

And from her pictures, it seems that she also did the stunts for the witch character played by Gong Li

Check out more about Liu on her Instagram page:–


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