The Lasus Medical and Dr. Huynh Vi Hong An sign a collaboration agreement with the aim of jointly promoting medical tourism between the two countries


Kuala Lumpur– The renowned Malaysian cosmetic clinic, The Lasus Medical, officially signed a collaboration agreement with the well-known Vietnamese cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Huynh Vi Hong An, aiming to jointly promote medical tourism between the two countries.

This exciting collaboration will provide a wider range of cosmetic and plastic surgery options for those in need, combining The Lasus Medical’s expertise in the field of beauty with Dr. Huynh Vi Hong An’s exceptional experience in plastic surgery.

The signing ceremony of this historic agreement took place at The Lasus Medical clinic in Bangsar and was witnessed by YB Preakas, the Member of the Selangor State Assembly, as well as representatives from the Embassy of Vietnam in Malaysia. Also in attendance were Datuk Seri Michael Chong, Head of Public Service and Complaints Bureau of MCA, and Miss Dang Hoang Nhu, the 2019 Miss Vietnam International. The legal advisor for The Lasus Medical was represented by Mr. James Ee.

Dr. Ng Kuan Choong, the founder of The Lasus Medical, stated in his speech that the formal initiation of this agreement is aimed at promoting medical tourism in Vietnam, especially in the field of plastic surgery, to fulfill the dreams of Malaysians who aspire to enhance their beauty.

“I became acquainted with the insights of the Vietnamese cosmetic industry through my friend Hanna Nguyen, who is from Vietnam. She introduced me to Dr. Huynh Vi Hong An, a Vietnamese plastic surgeon. From that point on, I gained a deeper understanding of Vietnam’s medical standards. I was deeply impressed by the surgical techniques employed by Dr. Huynh Vi Hong An, and I personally witnessed various surgeries performed by him. I must say that he is a skilled ‘artistic surgeon.'”

“Having been deeply impressed by his surgical skills, I took the effort to compare the prices of cosmetic surgery between Malaysia and Vietnam. Based on my research, I can confidently state today that prices in Vietnam are 20-30% cheaper than in Malaysia.”

YB Preakas, the Member of the Selangor State Assembly in his speech, also pointed out that the Vietnamese cosmetic industry has a competitive advantage in terms of pricing, and, more importantly, it boasts capable doctors. Combined with the thriving tourism industry in Vietnam, the integration of medical and tourism aspects became the primary driving force behind the establishment of The Lasus Medical to promote medical tourism in Vietnam.

“I hope to work closely with the Vietnamese Embassy to promote and facilitate medical tourism in Vietnam. According to statistics from the Vietnamese Ministry of Health, in 2018, there were 300,000 foreign patients who sought medical treatment in Vietnam, generating revenue of 2 billion US dollars.”

He also emphasized that this collaboration represents a commitment to improving healthcare accessibility for Malaysians. It guarantees quality care, affordability, and reliability for patients. It offers an opportunity to access world-class plastic surgery just a short distance from our borders.

“As we look forward to the future, we hope to increase opportunities for success in the healthcare sector, cultural exchange, and knowledge sharing for Malaysia. These opportunities can only stem from such meaningful collaboration. Moreover, we hope that this collaboration marks the beginning of a transformative journey in the healthcare sector, enriching the well-being of our people and strengthening our nation’s connections.”

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