The Sanderson Condominium Chinese New Year Gathering  YB Puan Wong Siew Ki  Invited to Celebrate with the Residents

In conjunction with the ninth day of the lunar new year, The Sanderson Condominium in Bukit Serdang hosted a special Chinese New Year gathering, inviting a high-stilt lion dance to wish the residents a prosperous new year, allowing residents of all ethnicities to experience the festive atmosphere together.
The event also invited  ADUN Sri Kembangan – YB Puan Wong Siew Ki  as guests of honor.
Dato Gan Yong Hwa, the chairman of the Sanderson Condominium committee, pointed out during the event that the purpose of the Chinese New Year gathering is to promote the spirit of Malaysia’s multiculturalism and demonstrate the unity and harmony of the community. In Malaysia, it is a tradition to organize Open House and hold events during festive seasons, and people of all ethnicities actively participate, showcasing the diversity of Malaysia’s multicultural characteristics.
Dato Gan Yong Hwa also expressed that as part of the community, Sanderson Condo hopes to provide opportunities for residents of different ethnicities to interact, enhance mutual understanding, and celebrate the Chinese New Year together through such activities. This intercultural exchange not only promotes community cohesion but also enriches residents’ cultural experiences, allowing everyone to feel the unique charm of Malaysian culture.
The hosting of this Chinese New Year gathering not only allows residents to celebrate the festival together but also demonstrates Sanderson Condo’s commitment and efforts to create a harmonious and inclusive community atmosphere.

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