Tsinghua and CityU Hong Kong introduce MPA-EMBA Dual Master Degree Program to cultivate international high-end talents in Malaysia


During a recent visit to Malaysia, Tsinghua University and City University of Hong Kong jointly introduced the MPA-EMBA Dual Master Degree Program, leveraging their global reputation in academia.


This initiative addresses the growing demand for professionals equipped with international perspectives amidst shifts in the global political and economic landscape. Recognizing the need for executives to comprehend the Chinese development model and global strategic management theories, the School of Public Policy and Management at Tsinghua University and the College of Business at City University of Hong Kong collaborated to launch this dual-master’s degree program.


In an effort to bolster international enrollment for the MPA-EMBA dual-master degree program, the Tsinghua University-City University of Hong Kong MPA-EMBA program team organized its inaugural overseas recruitment briefing at the VE Hotel in Kuala Lumpur on February 21. This event, jointly organized by the School of Public Policy and Management at Tsinghua University and the College of Business at City University of Hong Kong, was co-hosted by the Southeast Asia Research Centre for Humanities (SEARCH)


The event sought to delve into the realms of public management and business administration, fostering leaders in public affairs with a blend of public values and entrepreneurial acumen, alongside senior management professionals with a penchant for innovative thinking. Malaysian business association leaders and entrepreneurs were in attendance, alongside esteemed Malaysian alumni who shared their educational journey and accomplishments.


Associate Professor Dr. Chen Tianhao, Director of the MPA-EMBA Program, provided insights into the School of Public Policy and Management at Tsinghua University, outlining the distinctive features of the MPA-EMBA program, as well as the IMPA-BRI and MPP-SDG international programs, offering attendees a comprehensive understanding of these offerings. Additionally, Professor Hao Gang, Co-Director of the MPA-EMBA Program, elaborated on the specifics of the MPA-EMBA program, including details about the overseas exchange program, for the benefit of the guests.


The MPA-EMBA program is designed with an internationalized, interdisciplinary approach, aimed at enabling students to comprehend the Chinese development model, engage in global strategic management, cultivate an international outlook, and grasp the dynamics of global political and economic development. Its overarching goal is to nurture exceptional leaders with a commitment to public values and entrepreneurial vigor, as well as senior management professionals equipped with innovative thinking, strong corporate governance skills, and a dedication to advancing the nation’s major development strategies. Through this program, students will acquire comprehensive management knowledge, gain insights into public policies, business strategies, and international collaboration


Outstanding students of the MPA-EMBA program, Datuk Christie Yu and Mr Tang Lai Huat, shared their learning experiences, allowing the audience to gain a deeper understanding of the learning atmosphere and academic achievements of the program. Datuk Nicole Wong, an outstanding alumni and Chief Advisor of the SEARCH, also shared her learning experiences and application experiences in international projects, bringing a reflection on personal growth to the audience.


The successful holding of this event showcased the strengths and cooperation of the two institutions, and also provided precious learning and exchange opportunities for participants from various sectors, making positive contributions to the cultivation of international high-end talents in Malaysia.




Associate Professor Chen Tianhao, Director of the MPA-EMBA Program (Middle row, 5th from left); Professor Hao Gang, Co-Director of the MPA-EMBA Program (Middle row, 6th from right); and Assistant Dean Ms Mu Ling from the School of Public Policy and Management at Tsinghua University(2nd from left) take a group photo with invited guests at the end of the admission briefing. Distinguished alumni Datuk Christie Yu (Middle row, 3rd from left), Datuk Nicole Wong (Middle row, 4th from left), and Mr Tang Lai Huat (Middle row, 1st from right) were also invited to share their learning experiences and achievements.

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