Volunteer Fire Brigade to be vetted nationwide. Richard Tan encourages community-building activities

( Kuala Lumpur) Richard Tan Wuu Chyau,special officer ( New Village Dept) to Minister of Housing and Local Government Zuraida Kamaruddin, pointed out that many Chinese New Villages in the country have their own volunteer fire brigades. He encourages volunteers nationwide to be proactive in order to facilitate a stronger sense of community.

He said records show that there are currently 350 volunteer fire brigades (Pasukan Bomba Sukarela, PBS) registered nationwide. Nevertheless, some of these are inactive. The Fire Department has also been filtering through and reorganising the list of registered volunteer fire brigades.

“PBS does not have to wait for a fire to be active. They can collaborate with the local fire department to organise fire prevention activities, such as raising awareness and providing education for local residents.”

He believes that a healthy relationship between the fire department, the PBS and local residents will ensure that people get help more efficiently.

“Besides members of the PBS, every resident should have basic knowledge about fire safety. This will allow them to provide immediate help when neighbours are in trouble.”

He pointed out that the PBS is not defined by region or race. However, it has become a special feature in New Villages over time.

Richard Tan, who had just been appointed Special Officer ( New Village Dept) of the Ministry of Housing and Local Government, said that New Villages have many unique characteristics that could be promoted to attract tourists, stimulating the local economy.

“As we are unable to leave the country due to the coronavirus, the government is strongly encouraging local tourism, as this will boost local economic activity. New Villages are encourages to promote their unique appeal, in order to bring in tourists.

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