Zayn Rayyan Abdul Matiin’s family home at Idaman Apartments in Damansara Damai here is once again in the spotlight after about six months from the murder of the autistic child on Dec 6 last year.

Police are believed to have brought Zayn Rayyan’s mother there for a reenactment of the circumstances when the six-year-old boy vanished until his body was found.

Bernama learnt that a van was believed to have taken the victim’s mother to her residence in Blok R at 10.15 am today and left at about 12.20 pm.

It is understood that the mother was brought back to the residence and the location of the child was pin-pointed on a stream located some 200 metres from the residential block occupied by the family in order to reenact the incident.

Police officers were also seen carrying the mannequin of a child, but it is not clear what the purpose was.

Earlier at 10 am, a uniformed police team set up two roadblocks leading to Block R which is the residence of Zayn’s parents and the media was instructed to wait in a hut while police escorted the movement of every resident.

Also seen was a vehicle carrying Bukit Aman Criminal Investigation Department Director Datuk Seri Mohd Shuhaily Mohd Zain entering the residential area with an investigation team from the Bukit Aman Criminal Investigation Department (JSJ) and the Selangor contingent police headquarters (IPK) as well as investigative officers from the Petaling Jaya IPD.

Around 2.30 pm, several police and forensics vehicles were seen leaving the apartments and yellow tape was rigged at the entrance to the scene.

Last Friday, Selangor police chief Datuk Hussein Omar Khan was reported to have said that the remand period of Zayn Rayyan’s parents was extended until June 13 to allow further investigations to continue against the two of them.

Hussein was reported to have said that inconsistencies in statements of the deceased child’s parents were among factors for the remand order being extended.

On Dec 6, the body of Zayn Rayyan, 6, was found lying in a stream near his home in Apartment Idaman, Damansara Damai near here after being reported missing the day before.

The child is believed to have been killed when the autopsy found injuries to his neck and body which were attributed to self-defence against the perpetrator.

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