OnePlus is bringing another of its apps to the Play Store for faster updates

OnePlus has added a number of its native apps to the Play Store lately, teasing new looks in line with its OxygenOS 11 redesign. Big focuses for the overhaul so far have included reachability and convenience, and OnePlus Messages is no exception. OnePlus has finally added its messaging app to the Play Store in preparation for faster updates, and it looks like the first one will come with some nice new features.

The app will sport a few handy improvements, starting with the much-needed ability to copy one-time passwords from notifications. Messages will also be sorted into smart categories — you’ll find those for one-time passwords, transactions, and promotions at the top of your screen. This will leave personal messages uncluttered and well within reach of your thumb. OnePlus also touts the app’s new card format for messages, displaying pertinent info in a neat format that’s readable at a glance. The Play Store listing shows cards being used to quickly view bank transactions and movie ticket info.

Copy OTPs from notifications (left); messages sorted into smart categories (center); the new card format for transactional messages (right)

This update will bring some nice, to say nothing of overdue —looking at you, OTPs— features to OnePlus Messages. If you have a OnePlus phone and are anxious to upgrade your messaging experience, keep an eye out for the live version of the app on the Play Store.–andoidpolice

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